About us

Who We Are?

Having more than 20 years of experience in the accounting industry, Christina decided to leave her stable career as a finance professional in a public listed company to pursue a greater mission.

Seeing how most businesses fail within their first 5 years and how this affected a lot of her close friends and family, Christina decided to embark on a journey to help as many businesses as possible with her expertise in accounting and technology, which is why Cloud Accounting & Consultancy was founded back in 2015.

Headquartered in Singapore, we are a cloud accounting firm that was one of the earliest adopters of cloud-based technology in Singapore.

In the same way we had our earlier foresight on cloud technology, we believe that in the near future, many business owners can no longer afford to view accounting
as only for compliance purposes. In fact, businesses will not be able to survive or thrive well if they cannot get real-time financial information for good business
decision making.

Every business needs Smart Data – in an age of immediate solutions and readily available information, you need data that doesn’t just cover the basics but provides actionable intelligence that can be accessed anywhere, at any time.”

Christina Koh

Founder, Cloud Accounting & Consultancy Pte Ltd.

a Timeline

Our History


Ineffective and Inefficient
Accounting Solutions

Businesses were doing accounts only for purposes of tax reporting. They were using Ineffective and Inefficient accounting softwares and solutions that does not provide real-time accounts anytime, anywhere and from any device easily. Business owners had to wait and chase their accountant for their accounts.


The Birth of Cloud Accounting
& Consultancy Pte. Ltd.

Seeing how most business fail within their first 5 years and how this affected many of her close friends and family, our founder, Christina decided to help as many businesses as possible with her 20 plus years of expertise in accounting and technology. Which is why Cloud Accounting & Consultancy Pte. Ltd. was formed in 2015 as one of the earliest adopters of cloud-based solutions in Singapore. She started sharing about Xero cloud based accounting software to local businesses and businesses were able to tap on ICV (Innovation Capability Voucher) grant as Cloud Accounting was the only then approved ICV grant vendor for Xero. The company also supported businesses with their year-end compliance requirements such as Iras tax reporting, Acra corporate secretary and preparation if financial statements, providing a one-stop service - empowering the clients (by training and support) and supporting them (in compliance areas where only accountant can do).


EDG projects

Our founder received the Practising Management Consultant (PMC) certification to do EDG projects for clients in areas of financial management, business tstrategy development, process redesign and automation.


Cloud Boom in Singapore

IMDA started to encourage cloud-based solutions and many companies started to transition from desktop to cloud for the softwares they used. This changed many industries, accounting inclusive. The PSG (Productivity Solutions Grant) grant came into effect into 2018 to encourage the adoption of digital productivity solutions among Singapore businesses in various industries.


The Growth

As years went by, Xero grew rapidly in Singapore in part to its setting up of a branch office here and its aggressive marketing efforts in Singapore. Due to this, Cloud Accounting started to broaden the service offerings by apply to be PSG grant approved vendor so that SMEs can utilise grant for our customised setup, training and support in using Xero.


Independent and Established

As the company started specialising in cloud based accoounting software implementation like Xero and as more cloud based softwares became available, it made sense to also provide other cloud based accounting softwares like Quickbooks and Moneyworks for client selection. Also, we support bigger corporations to implement cloud-based ERP software.


Continued Growth

Today, the company continues to partner with businesses from different industries to empower them with a smart business ecosystem, using the 3 values we live by: Simple, System, Synergy - to simplify your finance and accounting in a systematic way, and creating synergy to future prrof your business.