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SGUnited Traineeships Programme

The SGUnited Traineeships Programme is an initiative from SGUnited and Workforce Singapore. It provide traineeship opportunities across all sectors to fresh graduates who are unable to secure full time jobs. Employers can look forward to Government support to co-fund Training Allowances.

  • Applicable for graduates from ITE, Polytechnics, Universities and other Private Educational Institutions (Eligibility: Graduated or graduating Singaporean/ PR job-seekers from ITE, Polytechnics, Universities and other Private Educational Institutions in CY2019/2020, or finished serving National Service and looking to enter the workforce in CY2019/2020)

  • As there is no employment contract, employer do not need to pay CPF

  • Employer can adopt 100% virtual coaching and On-the-Job-Training (OJT) in view of COVID-19 situation

It is estimated that up to 8,000 traineeships to be created for this year. With these traineeships programmes clear job description and development plans will be provided, it will also provide a 4-12 months Traineeship Programme. All the traineeship vacancies will be posted on MyCareerFuture.sg (MCF). Beside, employer can look forward to Government Funding, with WSG co-funding 80% of training allowance.

Operational Overview

How Companies will work with TACs


TACs take crucial role in supporting affected workers and companies due to COVID-19

They will work with companies to identify identify Traineeship Opportunities for fresh graduate trainees and fill up the Traineeship Order Template.

Step 2: POST

Companies advice to post vacancies on MyCareerFuture.sg (MCF) with the hashtags: #SGUnitedJobs


Step 3: MATCH

Source for and match Jobseekers among alternative industries (with SBF) or within members of companies to available openings, while WSG to conduct back-end job matching on MCF concurrently.TACs will also work with agencies such as WSG, e2i and IHLs to facilitate further matching for companies.

Helping Companies with Manpower in Demand

  1. Received information from companies with manpower in demand (including permanent roles, temporary hires and fresh graduate trainees)

  2. Ensure companies fill in Job Orders Template

  3. Request company to post vacancies on MCF. In addition, participate in VCF, if jobs are suitable. #SGUnitedJobs #SGUnitedTraineeship

  4. Monitor companies' job matching status, concurrently looking out for intra-sector job matching. Work with SBF to look out for inter-sector job matching opportunities.

  5. Companies successfully hired the job-seekers /recruited fresh graduate trainees

  6. SBF and Sectoral TACs to obtain the MCF Job ID from the companies and advice the companies to close the Job Posting on MCF. Report the details of the applicants and successful job-seekers weekly.

Helping Companies with Manpower in Excess

  1. Receive information from Companies with manpower in Excess (including permanent roles and temporary hires)

  2. Ensure companies fills in Job Order Template and inform SBF or Sectoral TACs the type of outplacement (eg, short-term or permanent)

  3. Monitor companies' job matching status, concurrently looking out for intra-sector job matching. Work with SBF to look out for inter-sector job matching opportunities

  4. Companies successfully hired the job-seekers/ recruited fresh graduate trainees

How does Workforce Singapore (WSG) support from back-end

  • Provide advisory on relevant manpower hiring schemes

  • Facilitate job posting on SGUnited, MyCareerFuture.sg(MCF) and Virtual Career Fair (VCF)

  • Email blast to job-seekers database

  • Circulate JD info to Careers Connect at Woodlands, Tampines and Paya Lebar

  • Circulate JD info at Careers Connect On the Go (CCOTG) platforms

Application Process for SGUnited Traineeships

The SGUnited Traineeship Programme will be commence on 1st June 2020

  1. Enterprises to submit their indication of interest via online form, or through Sectoral TACs or Singapore Business Federation directly

  2. SBF will reach out to interested enterprises, who will submit Traineeships Job Description and Development Plan for review and approval.

  3. Upon approval, Enterprises to post Traineeship Vacancies on MCF with the #SGUnitedTraineeships

  4. Enterprises assess applicants, take on suitable trainees, and update status on MCF, keeping SBF informed of trainees' details and traineeship arrangement

  5. Enterprise to update SBF on regular basis, for progress of traineeships and payment of training allowance to trainees (Pending Further Detail)

  6. Training allowance to be disburse on a accelerated reimbursement basis (Pending Further Detail)

  7. Enterprise can consider hiring trainees for full-time roles upon completion of traineeships.

If you are interested in joining the SGUnited Traineeships Programme

Please contact:

For more details information, please visit https://www.wsg.gov.sg/SGUnited.html