"Sell Me This Pen!"

If you replace the pen with anything that you are selling, the same instruction might invoke some panic, and as Jordan Belford himself says, he usually sees average people attempt to start trying to sell him the pen using ever-increasingly wild claims. Does this hit close to home? It’s normal. Most people who are not professional salespeople do not have the right instincts, and tend to resort to this behaviour.

Instead, Jordan Belford says that the point of the challenge is to see if a person has the awareness to not start selling, but instead START ASKING QUESTIONS. He says that you need to find out whether the person is even interested to get the pen, what kind of pen they use, what price range they were looking for, and so on. The key is to find out first what exactly they are looking for, THEN if it fits what you are selling, you have the information to tell them why what you are selling is suited for their needs.

When it comes to your own businesses, do you have a similar problem when you try to sell what you have to everyone? How has that worked out for you? Not very well, I presume. Thus, it is important to make sure that your solution matches a person who actually has the problem your solution solves. And speaking of solutions, do you have any problems with your financial management? If you do, we have a solution, and we’d like to find out whether our solution matches your problem. Contact us at info@cfosg.sg so we can see if our interests match!


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