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What is MyCareerFuture.sg (MCF)?

MyCareerFuture.sg (MCF) is a platform that aims to provide free job search service by matching relevant job based on the job-seeker's skills to Singaporean and Permanent Residents.

As a part of Workforce Singapore's (WSG) suite of Career Matching Services, MyCareerFuture.sg complements the government's efforts to build an adaptable and competent workforce to prepare for career of the future, based on skills and competencies.With the smart and predictive features, it also enhanced functionalities for employers to identify applicants by algorithm and view other potentials candidates.

MCF is a platform developed by WSG in partnership with the Government Technology Agency(GovTech) based on the feedback on the job-seekers. It also aligned with the Government's Smart Nation vision of co-creating and delivering more citizen-centric government digital services. MCF makes job searches convenient and easy for Singaporean by tapping on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and User Experience Design (UX) and enables. These ensure a pleasant experience of using the government digital services to the users.

What MCF Offer

  • Job-to-skill matching technology that matches job-seekers to job based on their skills set

  • Recommendation and adjacent jobs based on the job-seekers skills set

  • Job-seekers with low skills will have the ability to search for jobs where the employers are willing to hire them through the programme under WSG's Adapt and Grow initiative.

MCF will also progressively rolled out new features and enhancements based on the job-seekers' needs and user feedback. This continual process of engagement and development will enhance the relevance of MCF to job-seekers.

How MyCareerFuture.sg enhances the job search process

  1. Connecting to jobs relevant to current and ready skills MCF will connect job-seekers to career opportunities that are relevant to their skills. This will reduces the potential of job mismatches as the job-seekers will be able to identify job that best matched to their skills. The MCF's skills-to-jobs matching technology will also help in minimizing the job missed matches as the job-seekers will get recommended job that are matched to their skills, apart from what they are looking for.

  2. Finding job that are eligible for Adapt and Grow programmes Job-seekers can narrow their job search to jobs that are eligible for employment support under WSG's Adapt and Grow Initiative. It is more easy and convenient when a job-seeker is lack on the relevant skills for the desired job-role. The Professional Conversion Programme, Career Trial and Career Support Programme under the Adapt and Grow Initiative will provide job-seekers and employers with employment support such as training and wages subsidies when they lack of relevant experience for the role. Job-seekers would be able to overcome the career hurdles such as lack of experience, need for further training, or needing to meet wage expectations by this initiative.

  3. Accessing insights and tips that help inform career planning and development With the MCF's Career Toolkit, job-seekers will have easy and convenient access to career guidance and industries insight. This make them more adept at making informed decisions as they plan and develop their career. Beside, it is also useful for the job-seekers that are looking to enter or return to the workforce, and switch or start new careers. The Career Toolkit also provides tips such as interview preparation and resume-writing which are also useful to job-seekers in their job search process.