How Sticky Is Your Business?

Updated: Apr 13

Games are an example of sticky products. People can spend hours glued to their screen to beat a level in order to surpass their friends and earn in-game rewards. This can be so sticky that people have missed their stations, foregone eating, and walking into obstacles like trees, lampposts, and glass doors.

With the most sticky games, you can see people spending a lot of money in order to unlock various options, challenges, and power-ups.

But if you look outside of games, you will see a lot of product designers attempt to “gamify” their applications using badges, rewards, points, scoreboards, and more. However, these tools are not inherently sticky; most people don’t play games just because they can earn virtual points and badges!

Holly Liu, co-founder of a game company, states it this way: “A great game is so much more than just points, badges, and leaderboards.”

Instead, Holly explains that the best game designers focus on the “core loop”. Basically, this is the sequence of actions that a player of a game will keep repeating over and over again. By making this “core loop” sticky, it keeps players wanting to keep playing.

So back to your business, what is the “core loop” that your customers have to engage with? What do they need to do again and again, and is it something that is engaging and sticky to them?

For us, our “core loop” is that of financial management. While many entrepreneurs find it tiresome to keep their finances updated, we have found a way to make this “core loop” sticky enough that entrepreneurs have become eager to update their finances! If you would like more information about our “core loop”, contact us at, and we will get back to you shortly!


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