Did You Overpay Your Taxes?

Updated: Feb 9

2. Grants

Many companies are tapping on government grants, especially this year due to Covid-19.

Did You Know?

Grants like the Productivity and Solutions Grant (PSG) are not taxable! If you aren’t sure which of your grants are not taxable, feel free to enquire with us!

3. Tax rebate

There is a Corporate Income Tax Rebate of 25% ($15,000 max) for YA 2020; the loss carry back relief has been enhanced for. You may choose between the current loss carry-back relief system or the enhanced version for YA 2020.

4. Form C-S Lite filing

Finally, for companies with $200,000 or less revenue for YA 2020, you may choose to e-file Form C-S (Lite), which only requires that six essential fields be filled, instead of the eighteen in Form C-S.