Job Support Scheme - Budget 2021

Updated: Apr 12

As announced at Budget 2021 on 16 February 2021, the JSS will be extended for Tier 1 and 2 sectors.

Here are the general changes, first in written form, then in a table:

  1. Tier 1 sectors (Aviation, Aerospace, and Tourism) that are currently receiving 50% JSS support will receive 30% JSS support for wages paid from April to June 2021 and 10% JSS support for wages paid from July to September 2021.

  2. Tier 2 sectors (Food Services, Retail, Marine & Offshore, Arts & Entertainment etc) that are currently receiving 30% JSS support will receive 10% JSS support for wages paid from April to June 2021. This does not include segments like supermarkets which are classified as Tier 3B.

  3. Tier 3A sectors currently receive 10% JSS support for wages paid from September 2020 to March 2021. JSS support will cease thereafter.

  4. Employers that are not allowed to resume on-site operations currently receive Tier 1 JSS support for wages paid up to March 2021. For wages paid from April 2021 onwards, JSS support will revert to the firms’ base JSS tier.

  5. Nightlife establishments such as pubs, and karaoke outlets, are still not permitted to re-open. They can apply for grants from the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Enterprise Singapore to pivot to other permissible activities or wind down.

Timeline of Payouts


  1. Firms in the Built Environment sector received Tier 1 JSS support for June to October 2020 wages, and would receive Tier 2 support for November 2020 to March 2021 wages.

  2. ALL employers received Tier 1 JSS support during the Circuit Breaker (for April and May 2020 wages).

Which Tier Is Your Sector?


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